What's NOT Covered In a Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy?

EarthquakeMoldWear & TearNeglectis not covered

EarthquakeMoldWear & TearNeglect

is not covered.

What are insurance exclusions?

Most of the risks that are not covered by insurance companies fall into the following categories of reasons:

Maintenance Related Concerns

Most insurance companies will consider damages that are the result of a customer's failure to properly maintain or repair an insured property as the customer's own responsibility.

Coverage Exists Elsewhere

Scenarios such as damaged cars as result of a house fire will be covered under an auto policy, not homeowners policy.

Unlawful Events

Most policies exclude incidents that are illegal or criminal by nature. These incidents may include intentional acts by a homeowner that cause damage to the home.

Catastrophic Events

Major disasters such as a nuclear incident, war related damages, earthquake, or flood are excluded in a standard homeowners policy.

Maintenance Related Issues

Coverage Exists Elsewhere

Unlawful Events

Catastrophic Events

Common Exclusions Examples




Wear & Tear


Insect & Vermin Infestations

Note: Earthquake and flood can be covered by supplementing with additional insurance.

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