Does homeowners insurance cover water main break?

Does homeowners insurance cover water main break?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, there are approximately 240,000 water main breaks every year in the United States.

Many of the water mains in older neighborhoods were installed more than 50 years ago, and some were more than a century ago. In most of these aging water mains, materials used in the construction are likely near the end of their effective life and they are highly susceptible to leaks and breakages. 

Is water main break a covered peril in homeowners insurance?

When it comes to water-related damages in your home, the cause of the damages is essential in determining insurance coverage. 

For water that originated from within your dwelling, such as pipe bursts in the kitchen or toilet overflows, most standard homeowners insurance policies will provide coverage for these events if they were the result of sudden and accidental damages. 

For water that originated from sewer line or sump pump failures, there is also the optional water backup coverage. With this additional coverage, if the sewer line backs up and causes sudden water discharge inside your home, your coverage will not only take care of the damage, but it will also take care of restoration and additional living expenses if your home is livable due to the damage. 

In the case of a water main break, because the source of the water originates from your local municipal water supply system on public land, the cause of damage is considered external to homeowners property and therefore excluded in the standard homeowners insurance policy. 

Does flood insurance cover water main breaks?

Flood insurance covers water damage originated from external sources to homeowners’ properties, such as Mother Nature, neighbor's above-ground swimming pool, and in this case, water main breaks. 

If you live in an older neighborhood that may have an aging water main, it may be a good idea to consider adding flood insurance to your property coverage. 

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