Water Backup Coverage For Sewer Backup & Sump Overflow

Water Backup and Sump Pump Overflow Coverage

When it comes to water related damage in your home, the cause of the damage is essential in determining insurance coverage. Your homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for sudden and accidental water damage that originated from within your home, such as a pipe burst in the kitchen or if your water heater suddenly ruptured overnight. 

However, most traditional homeowners insurance policies do not include coverages if the cause of the damages originated from sewer line, drain, or failure of sump pump. 

To avoid these scenarios, you may want to consider adding the optional water backup and sump pump overflow coverage to your homeowners insurance. 

What are included in the water backup coverage?

First and foremost, water backup coverage will cover the costs for emergency and temporary repairs to minimize further damage to your home. Mitigating further damage is especially important when it comes to water related damage.  

After mitigating the damage, the coverage will reimburse you for:

Debris Removal


Additional Living Expense

Repair or Replacement of Damaged Property Within Your Dwelling

What does water backup cover?

  • Water discharge from a drain such as a toilet or sewer line in your basement. 
  • Overflow from sump pump due to mechanical issues. 

How much coverage does the policy provide?

Most insurance companies offer coverage limits ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. This is the amount that insurance companies will reimburse you to cover the costs resulting from a covered water backup claim. 

What about the deductible?

Deductible for a water backup claim is typically $500. This deductible is a separate deductible from your standard homeowners policy and you may select an amount that is more suitable for your financial situation. 

A deductible is the out-of-pocket expense you have to pay before your policy pays out in a claim. 

Customer story

We recently had a customer that was awakened by a loud siren at 4 am Sunday morning, and turns out it was his sump pump failure alarm going off after three consecutive days of heavy rain.

After scrambling to figure out what to do next and moving his personal items, by 9 am, the water nevertheless flooded his basement. Fortunately he was able to get a restoration company on-site the same morning and stopped the water from causing further damage to his home. 

We filed a water backup claim for him on Monday and we were able to reimburse him for the costs to the restoration company as well as replacing the basement flooring. 

How much does water backup coverage cost?

Depending on the coverage limit, water backup coverage can be added to your homeowners policy for an annual premium of $25 to $100.

Water backup coverage is an inexpensive optional coverage that can save thousands in the event of a sewer backup or sump overflow. For many older homes with aging service lines or have a basement with sump pump, water backup coverage is highly recommended.

Every insurance company has its own guidelines for policies. We always recommend talking to your own agent to discuss your personal policies in detail. Working with a personal agent is the best way to make sure you have the right coverages that fit your individual needs.
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